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The Austin ISD Fine Arts Department believes that a Fine Arts education is essential for the development of the whole child. The arts provide students with unique experiences that allow them to explore their passions, maximize their creativity and critical thinking skills, and learn valuable lessons about self-motivation, dedication, teamwork and communication. The AISD music curriculum focuses on four strands of music education: music literacy; creative expression; historical and cultural relevance; and critical evaluation and response. These provide broad, unifying structures for organizing the knowledge and skills students are expected to acquire. The foundation of music literacy is fostered through reading, writing, reproducing and creating music, which helps develop a student's intellect. Through creative expression, students apply their music literacy and the critical-thinking skills of music to sing, play, read, write and/or move.

By experiencing musical periods and styles, students will understand the relevance of music to history, culture, and the world, including the relationship of music to other academic disciplines and the vocational possibilities offered. Through critical listening, students analyze, evaluate and respond to music, developing criteria for making critical judgments and informed choices.

Mills Musical Duo


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  Sofia Barberena & Oboe



Devin Thomas

Marvelous Music Teacher

512-841-2400 ext. 58082

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Sofia Barberena

Mystical Music Teacher

512-841-2400 ext. 43238




Dates may periodically change

Tuesday 8/20: 4G Choir sign-ups open on the first day of school and close on Monday 9/3

Wednesday 9/4: Choir Begins (Rehearsal will occur every Wed. until the concert in Dec.)

Wednesday 10/30: 3G Recital : “Welcome to the 60’s”

Friday 11/8: Veterans Day Sing-Along (Led by the 4th Grade Choir)

Friday 11/22: Thanksgiving Sing-Along

Friday 12/20: 4th Grade Choir Concert & combined Holiday Sing-Along

December TBD: 3G Nutcracker Field Trip

Monday 12/16 & Wednesday 12/18: Musical auditions : “Pirates: The Musical” (Results will be posted on Friday 12/20)

Week of Tuesday 1/7 & Thursday 1/9: Musical rehearsals begin 

Wednesday 1/8: AV Club meetings begin

February TBD: MAW Choir performance

March TBD: Austin Jazz Workshop

March TBD: Middle School Band/Orchestra/Choir Visits for 5G

3/3 - 3/5 (TBD by District): YPC Field Trip for 4G&5G

Saturday 4/26: Music Memory Competition

Friday 5/9: EOY Kindergarten Celebration: “My Future's So Bright”

Friday 5/16: 5th Grade Musical : “Pirates: The Musical”

- Friday 5/23: EOY Talent Show

Thursday 5/29: 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony


A little bit more...


Hey Y’all! My name is Devin Thomas, this is my third year at Mills Elementary & I am one half of the musical duo here. I was born and raised all over the North-East and have settled down in Austin, Texas two years ago with my partner, Cory. Together we have our 9 month old son, Myles, & two dogs named Jaxx & Nike. 

I received my high school education from a small town school in Newport, New York where I graduated with the same 52 kids I went to kindergarten with. I then moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (a.k.a. the Christmas capital of the U.S.) where I received my undergraduate degree in Music Education with a certification to teach K-12 students from Moravian University in May of 2022 and I recently completed my masters in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education through an online program with Grand Canyon University in May of this year. 

In my spare time, which is far and few between as a teacher & mother, I am an avid reader. My favorite genres include fantasy & romance novels. You may also find me exploring the many parks in and around Austin with my family - we are by far weekend warriors! & of course, as a musician, I spend lots of time consuming and making music.

Teaching is a true passion of mine and I can't wait to work with you and your students this year & for many years to come!