Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club Logo with Cupcakes and a QR code sending you to School Cash Online

To donate a book in honor of your child’s birthday or a special someone, make a $15 per book donation to Mills Elementary School by scanning the QR code above. Your child or favorite staff member will select a book from a collection of new books we have set aside in the library. This will ensure that the book is appropriate for our collection and is published in specialized library binding that is different from paperback and hardback books.

A special bookplate will be made after their book is selected, and then placed in the front cover of the book. If permission is granted, a photo of your child will be displayed on the Library's Birthday Book Club Bulletin Board right outside the library. Your Mountain Lion will see their picture every day as they walk to class, to lunch and to home. The coolest thing about the Birthday Book Club is that your child will be the first person to check out the new book! And it does not have to be on their birthday!

Your teacher should receive a form that will come home with your child the month before their birthday. Don't want to wait? Go to School Cash Online and buy a book for your Mountain Lion's birthday today!


Thank you for supporting the Mills Elementary Library!