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Do you love the library? Want to learn more about the ways you can volunteer? If so, come on in. We will give you a quick run-down of all the different ways you can volunteer in the library, and we will have a sign up sheet if you would like to commit to volunteering on a certain day and time. If you have any questions, please email our librarian at We look forward to seeing you soon!



QR Code for School Cash Online, the place to pay for the Birthday Book ClubBirthday Book Club

Little fingers rustling through pages. Books falling down on the shelving cart. The click of the camera as the librarian says, "Say Cheese." These are the sounds of your little Mountain Lion being a part of Mill's Birthday Book Club. For $15, paid for at School Cash Online, your child can pick a new book, one that has never been checked out before, and have their name memorialized on a special Mill's Library sticker carefully placed inside the front cover. On that sticker, parents can send their Mountain Lion a sweet message for their special day. If given permission, your child's photo will be displayed on our Birthday Book Club Board right outside the library so your child will see their picture when they come to school, go to lunch, and leave for the day. It will bring a smile to their face every time. It also does not necessarily need to be for a birthday either. Honor a staff member or someone in your family. 



Picture of our fearless Library Ms. Sarah RasmussenMessages from our Librarian & Clerk

Hello. My name is Sarah Rasmussen, and I am thrilled to be the librarian at Mills Elementary. I love kids, books, and introducing students to the joy of reading for pleasure. I want each of my Mountain Lions to experience the feeling of getting lost in a book, not wanting to put it down even for a moment, captivated by what they are reading and desperately wanting to know what happens next. I love for my students to experience the power of the written word and know that reading can help them discover new places, people, and ideas. Come by the library, and let me help you find a great book to read! 


Reach out to me anytime at or call 512-841-2400 ext. 58036.



Photo of Lisa V

Hello. My name is Lisa Vienneau. I am the library clerk who writes your kids' overdue notices. Please take pity on my right hand and make sure your kids turn in their books on time. Remind your Mountain Lions to take their precious "book babies" out of their backpacks and put it in that lovely box outside the library door. Come volunteer with me and Sarah in the library and discover what a wonderful place the Mills library is. 


"The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library."  - Albert Einstein