PTA Committee

Safety Committee Updates


Safety Committee Guidelines on How to get to Mills safely


Safety Committee map on where to park around Mills

Safety is a shared responsibility so please do your part.


Drop-offs & Pick up Tips:

  • Follow the rules. Lateness is not an excuse. 
  • Plan ahead and have your kids prepared to exit the vehicle.
  • Please do not rush and cut the line. 
  • Park and walk if you can.
  • Stay in your car. When you slow things down, it affects us all.
  • Know the process or ask the community/school for help.



  • Use crosswalks.
  • Do not walk through a line of cars.
  • Walk on sidewalks.
  • Be alert at all times.



  • Look out! Yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • Please do not move the safety cones.
  • Do not block exits. It limits the line of site. 
  • Park in designated areas. Do not block crosswalks or driveways. 


Mills Park and Walk areas take 3-5 minutes!

  • Escarpment & Tanak Lane
  • Lantana & Clarion Drive
  • La Siesta Bend
  • Taylorcrest Drive
  • La Carman Lane


Areas of Caution:

  • Davis & Lantana: Watch out for pedestrians in the crosswalks. 
  • Davis & Escarpment: A high traffic area with lots of pedestrians at the crosswalk.