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Technology at Mills


Tech Problems?

Visit the AISD Technical Support Page for Parents and for Students. There you will find amazing tech resources like Technology Use and Tutorial videos. For technical assistance, parents and families can call the Tech Help Line at 512-414-9187. Support is available weekdays from 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Students who are experiencing issues can also call 512-414-4357.

Is Blend or the Parent Portal down? Check the Tech Systems Status page to find out!


Does your child need a new iPad or Chromebook?

Email our campus device manager, Sara Sanchez, at to discuss what options are available. In your email, please include your students’ first and last name, homeroom teacher, and the reason why your student might need a new device.


Does your child need a new charger?

Chargers break. Chargers get taken by classmates. Chargers get lost. It happens. At Mills, we only have a limited number of replacement chargers. If your child needs a replacement and we have one, then your student will be able to use it while at school. Our device management team believes the best practice for charger longevity is that parents should purchase a charger for home if devices come home regularly. That way, one charger can stay at home and one can stay at school. Chromebook replacement chargers can be purchased at Amazon. What we want in a charger is it for it to be 65 watts, USB C, and compatible with Lenovo Chromebooks. 


What are the changes to AISD’s device policy for the 2023-2024?

Second grade will move to classroom sets of Chromebooks. Classroom sets will always stay in the classroom. Each device will be assigned to the teacher and will only stay in the classroom unless the teacher says students can take the device home for an educational purpose, like typing practice. 

First grade and below will transition to classroom sets of iPads. Each classroom will receive power strips and chargers. Each device will be assigned to the teacher and will only stay in the classroom.

Third through fifth grades do not necessarily need to follow the classroom set model. Students may need to take their Chromebooks home to work on homework and participate in team projects. It is up to the teacher on whether or not Chromebooks will stay in class or go home. 

Students who repeatedly damage their device, whether by accident or intentionally, will have their AISD issued device stay at school only.


New Fee Policy

During registration, all parents acknowledged the new district wide device guidelines and fee schedule. All devices are covered by warranty and accidental damage insurance. Students are allowed one accidental break repair per year. After that they will be charged.  All intentional damage will be charged. Below are the tentative fees.

Cracked Screen = $215
Damaged Keyboard = $80
Destroyed or Lost Device = $500
Water Damage = Keyboard and screen replacement $287
Additional/Miscellaneous Damage = varies from $20-200
Destroyed or Lost Charger = $30 (or student replaces)


Why are these fees so high? This is what it actually costs AISD to repair our broken iPads and Chromebooks. This is why the district is recommending most devices stay at school unless needed for education purposes related to the classroom or improving typing skills.