Essential Areas

Essentials Area Banner filled with Art, Music, and PE Clipart

Mills Elementary Essential Areas

Parents want to give their child every opportunity to grow and succeed, and the Essential Areas Team at Mills is ready to engage in activities that are fun and teach skills that will help them in school and in adult life. The benefits of going to Art, Music, and Physical Education classes for children will extend fa beyond the classroom.

Our Art Department helps your Mountain Lions:

  • Build Fine Motor Skills and Neural Connections,
  • Enhance Creative Abilities and Encourage Imagination!
  • Improve their Communication Skills,
  • Boost their Self-Esteem, and
  • Make Friends through Art Appreciation!

Our Music Department helps your Mountain Lions:

  • Improve their vocabulary and language skills, 
  • Find an outlet through self-expression,
  • Practice teamwork,
  • Increase the use of self-discipline 
  • Increase their motor, active listening, and social skills.

Our PE coaches see your Mountain Lions every single day! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), students who are more physically active tend to achieve higher grades, have better school attendance, and maintain a higher level of attention and focus. PE not only helps decrease certain behaviors in the classroom, but it can also relieve stress, improve bone and heart health, and help your Mountain Lion strengthen friendships!