We Love Mills Fundraiser

We Love Mills


A Quick Informational Video!


When does it start? Monday February 12th but you can already register.

When does it end? Friday February 23rd.

What is this for? To provide teacher supplies. To keep World Cultures & Language and MakerSpace programs alive at Mills. On-site tech support for teachers and students. Further student enrichment. 

How is this different from the previous fundraiser - Apex? Your kids won’t be running laps. It’s a no frills donation via mybooster.com. We also accept cash and checks! Also, Mills will get to keep more of what it raises.

What is our goal? 60K is what we hope to raise. Other schools around AISD have raised similar amounts so we are hopeful!

What does this mean for students? Two weeks of fun at school. Chances to win awesome prizes like extra recess. Who doesn't love extra recess?