Special Education Staff Appreciation Week


Special Education Staff Appreciation Week is here, December 4th through 8th! Please join us in celebrating these outstanding educators, specialists, and therapists! You’re invited to bring handmade cards, heartfelt crafts, yummy lunches, tasty treats, or anything else that says “we appreciate you!” Here is our fantastic team: 

Laura Barrera, Kathy Thomas, Daniel Sweet, Miranda Coutee, Hyden Johnson, Heather Bethea, Sharlette Tucci, Michelle Griffin, Anna McGroty, Noelle Anderson, Jacob Dunagan, Stacey Bilek, Tiffani Hicks, Marcey French, Amy Griffin, Erin Abbe, Gayle DeCesaris, Lisa Vienneau, Guahivi Medina, Sharon Knight, Tim Tesano, Taryn Orlando, Cynthia Khogly, Tammie Garcia, Steven Schooler, and Francine McQuien.