Joe Dan Mills, Jr. Elementary


Joe Dan Mills Jr., Elementary School was built in 1998 in the Villages of Western Oaks subdivision of Austin, Texas.

It currently has classes ranging from Early Childhood/PPCD and Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

The School Mascot is the Mountain Lion.


Mission Statement:

With great spirit and high expectations, the Mills staff will develop a learner-centered community of problem solvers, information seekers, and creative thinkers by providing a safe, successful learning environment with respect for individual needs.


Belief Statements:

We believe a community that values continuous learning creates and supports individuals who are problem solvers, information seekers and creative thinkers.

We believe that a successful school is built on a foundation of respect and safety to ensure a positive learning environment.

We believe that excellence in academics will occur for all children when individual needs and learning styles are acknowledged and supported.

We believe that meaningful connections occur when individuals develop a relationship with learning through participation in a variety of real life experiences.

We believe that open, effective and continual communication among the students, faculty, families and community is essential in building a successful learning environment.


School Song:

Do you have pride, do you have pride are you a Mills Mountain Lion?

Yes I am!

Do you have dedication to your education?

Yes we do!

We're Mills Mountain Lions!

We're confident and brave. We try harder than the rest. We're ready for a challenge and we always do our best.

We're Mills Mountain Lions!

Hear us Roar!

Mills is GR-R-R-R-R-EAT!