Joe Dan Mills, Jr. Elementary

Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education!

Meet our P.E. Coaches!






Javier Sanchez



Lisa Lindberg





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Our coaches request that on P.E. days you encourage your children to wear loose comfortable clothing that will allow freedom of movement.  Please, no sandals.  If your child cannot participate, he/she must have a note from a parent.  If unusual circumstances prevent your child from participating for an extended time, please send a note from your doctor.  There will also be a required district form that will need to be filled out by the doctor.  We will have copies of the form available for parents to pick up from the P.E. office.  Please bring to our attention any special health concerns of your child.


As the Special Area Teachers at Mills Elementary, we are looking forward to a wonderful year with the children.  We have many exciting activities planned for this year.

As in any subject, cooperation, responsible behavior, and good listening skills are important for the success of our programs.

We have developed a Behavior Management Plan that will be consistent throughout the Special Area Classes.  Rules, rewards, and consequences help create an environment where all children can learn and feel confident.


  1. Respect self
  2. Respect others.
  3. Respect property.


  1. Individual Super Kid rewards.
  2. Class rewards.
  3. Feeling good about yourself.
  4. Having fun!


  1. Verbal warning.
  2. "Thinking Time" in the special area classroom and note taken home.
  3. Phone call and/or parent conference.

We are looking forward to a great year!